by LorD and Master

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released April 3, 2017



all rights reserved


LorD and Master Hastings, UK

Child of the 80s. Big into synths, keys, chords and melodies.
British sensibilities, danceable beats and a sprinkling of wit.

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Track Name: Child of the 80s
We came through some crazy times
When I was a kid
To the highest bid

The music was awesome
Pet Shop Boys and more
Who can forget Sex Crime

I’m a child of the 80s
Salt of the earth
I’m a child of the 80s
You’d better prove your worth

Margaret Thatcher stole our milk
And we were forced to pay
The biggest playground insult
Was that you were gay

That kid from the noughties
Thinks that I’m a bore
But I’m a child of the 80s
And, honey, watch me soar

Magnetic tape
Duran Duran
Towel cape
Back to the Future
Shoulder pads
Cigarette ads
Eddie the Eagle
Princess Di
Viz comics
Doctor Who
(The first time round)
The 80s
They were pretty sound
Track Name: Invincible
I've really got no reason
To observe the season
Changing around me today
If I try a little harder
Summon up the ardour
Things are gonna go my way

I could be invincible
I could be untouchable
I could be unstoppable
Everything's gonna be all right
Track Name: Majesty
Your heartbeat deafens me
Your mind, it delights me
Your love has blinded me
All I see is your majesty

You move with dignity
Genius in simplicity
Such grace and quality
Bound up in your majesty
Track Name: Defy the distance
One hundred miles may as well be light-years
When I can't get to you
When I'm down and I need a kiss or two

I occupy my time with nonsense
When I can't get to you
Now it seems there's nothing left to do

Defy the distance like it's
A punishing parent and I
Can't be coherent when you're gone
It's more than missing you when
I wanna be kissing you then
I think you know where I'm coming from

I found a representation of you
A digital work of art
And I'll keep it close when we're apart

If love's an electric impulse
And hormones pumped by the heart
Electrochemical readings off the chart
Track Name: Encounters
You've had encounters
What do they mean?
Are you sick of
The same old scene?

Your face appears on
Those dating apps
You'll never keep this
Under wraps

You've had encounters
What's the score
Don't you love him
Any more?

You see a chance and
Then you grab it
Is it lust or
Just a habit?

Sometimes you feel the guilt
Sometimes it's so exciting
When the romance begins to wilt
If there's love still there
It's worth the fighting

You've had encounters
So I've heard
I've been told to
Have a word

I know you're on a
Different path
But there's no need to
Break his heart
Track Name: No end in sight
Driving through the morning
Driving late at night
The road stretches for miles
There's no end in sight

A picture-perfect postcard
Scenery swings by
Was it the wrong decision
To say goodbye

Heat of the moment
Mistakes are made
Kicking up the asphalt
Feel the fury fade

Headlong into darkness
On the tarmac
But is it too late
To turn back?

What if someone said that they're sorry?
Would it put an end to this fight?
How can someone prove that they're sorry?
That's why there's no end in sight

Mesmerising, white lines guiding
Too much speed and careless driving
Mesmerising, white lines guiding
Too much speed and careless driving
Mesmerising, white lines guiding
Too much speed and careless driving
Mesmerising, white lines guiding
Too much speed and careless driving
Track Name: Unfamiliar territory
I woke up in unfamiliar territory
Lost and abandoned
As if the world were generated procedurally
Disjointed and random

Sun through the strangest of trees
The shadows on my eyelids
I couldn't help myself, I sank to my knees
I needed to be guided

Save me
I can't stop falling
Save me
I feel so numb

I woke up in unfamiliar territory
And without a direction
I tried use my phone, unfortunately
There was no connection

I know you can't hear me
It's comforting to try
This world is stranger than I can believe
And I can't fathom why
Track Name: Cold sweat
Three o'clock in the morning
Three o'clock at night
A time of preoccupation
Will I ever get it right?

If I can work out the problem
If I can make it clear
Will there be resolution?
Will I hurt my near and dear?

It wakes me up in a cold sweat
Do what you've always done
You'll always get what you get

Five o'clock in the morning
It's still the dead of night
Hours of preoccupation
Made for a fitful night

A sugar-coated tablet
And I could be asleep
But then, there's this black hole
I want to fall so damn deep

To be or not to be?
That is the question
To be or not to be?
I don't know
Track Name: Thicker than blood
They say blood is thicker than water
Our ties are thicker than blood
Track Name: Little maniacs
We crossed the deserts and the plain
We never wanted to go back again
We climbed the trees and broke a bone
But the woods and fields were our home

We were always happy
The sun on our backs
We were such tearaways
Little maniacs

Chase the crickets, “mind the road!”
Never doing what we're told
Bullies come and bullies go
We've got the scars left to show

Darkness came, but we'd never tire
We got in trouble when someone lit a fire
Power struggles, test your might
Clear the air with a fight
Track Name: Unforgettable
That's what you are
The back seat of your car
Under the stars

I needed you with me
I needed you near
These days my memory
Ain't quite so clear

My closest friend
Right till the end
You drive me round the bend

I wish you were still here
To make it right
We made a promise
In the dead of night

As always, well played
I just wish you had stayed
Now my memories fade

Track Name: Call it a day
I heard a rumour
The other day
That you were gonna take
My world away
It seemed so petty
Handing me despair
There was no how or when
Or why or where

I know you're crazy but I
Wouldn't have you any other way
I know you hurt me, but
I don't wanna call it a day

I heard a rumour
Can you confirm?
That we are over
The end of our term
We should get together
Before it ends
To give our stuff back
Make sure we'll be friends

I heard a rumour
I don't want it to be true
That there's a deep rift
Between me and you
You've found another
I guess that's fine
I can't make it work
This heart of mine