by LorD and Master

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Twelfth original studio album by LorD and Master.


released July 31, 2017

All tracks written, produced and performed by Daniel Bailey-Graham.
Lyrics on track 12 written by Peter Nugent.
Art and design direction by Peter Nugent.



all rights reserved


LorD and Master Hastings, UK

Child of the 80s. Big into synths, keys, chords and melodies.
British sensibilities, danceable beats and a sprinkling of wit.

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Track Name: Fractured
My mind has fractured
My psyche, split
There’s no easy way
To deal with it
I’ve gotta find a way

Someday it’ll all come together
You’ll take my hand, and bear the pain
One day can feel like for ever
But tears will dry up with the rain
Track Name: Journey
No one knows where the journey begins
Everyone struggles to try to fit in
Another day with the end nowhere near
The road’s pretty long from here

Do you remember where the journey began?
We started rolling like a cameraman
Cutting a path through the haze of the heat
We’ve got our favourite song on repeat

We’re on a journey
Nothing’s stopping us learning
Keep up with the world
As it’s turning
Time is on fire and we’re burning
Track Name: Listen
You gotta listen
Take it one day at a time
You gotta listen
Living your life is not a crime

You gotta listen
Slow it down and take your time
You gotta listen
Making mistakes is not a crime

You need a friendly face
I can oblige
If you’re feeling lost
I’ll be your guide

I got all the time in the world for you
So take my hand and we’ll see this through

They tell me it’s nearly time to
Say goodbye
But I don’t wanna leave you here
Wondering why
Track Name: Not that strong
Can’t take away your freedom
Don’t wanna hold you back
Don’t wanna be the reason

Seem so melancholy
I try to understand it
But it’s just folly

I’ll only say I’m sorry
If you admit that you were wrong
Temptation reared its ugly head
You proved you’re not that strong

Know what has transpired
I’m not that big a fool
I know that you were wired

Started acting guilty
Discussed it with your friends
Put it to the committee

We always said we’d forsake all others
The promises we made
But over time we realise
That rainbows always fade
Track Name: Explosive
Track Name: Something wicked this way comes
Something wicked this way comes
I don’t know if I can handle it
Can’t you hear it? The sound of drums
We’re all afloat

Drifting on an ocean, wide
We’re lost at sea
Pulled around by the tide
Come, rescue me

Something wicked this way comes
There’s nothing left to do but tackle it
I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the guns
Let’s move this boat

Forewarned is forearmed
We’ve got it planned
Together, we live a life so charmed
So, take my hand
Track Name: Autumn leaves
It’s always the same
When the leaves are falling down
I wish you’d remained
When autumn comes around

There’s a chill in the air
It reminds me of that day
You didn’t let me prepare
For when you went away
Track Name: Volcano
You blew up like a volcano
When I asked you, asked you,
Asked you to go
What I did wrong, I’ll never know
It was so long, so long
So long ago
Track Name: Gone without a trace
Just a normal day at work
Staring at my screen
Putting numbers in boxes
The same old routine
Just a normal day at work
Glancing at my phone
Watching time ebbing away
Itching to go home

Itching to go home
Not knowing I’ll be there alone
Itching to go home

I found you gone without a trace
The smile, it fell right off my face
Four years of love gone to waste
I don’t recall our last embrace

I got home and found you gone
No note, no word
Checked every room in the house
This is so absurd

I got home and found you gone
I know who’s to blame
It’s that guy I saw your with
Have you no shame?

Have you no shame?
I can’t believe we played this game
Have you no shame?
Track Name: Teardrops
Lying in bed
Thoughts of you are spinning round my head
Lying to friends
Telling them I’m OK

There’s a shift in my mood
I might have the strength to get dressed and make food
There’s a change in the air
I want to be OK

I don’t wanna see teardrops any more
Don’t wanna see them fall down to the floor
I’ve got the strength, I’ll fight it
The bonfire’s under me, so light it
I’m gonna persevere, not stop
Until I’ve reached the very top
I can see that life’s a half-full cup
And it’s time the teardrops now dried up

Dry out with the rain
I’ll find that the sun is shining
Every cloud has a silver lining
Track Name: I can't win
I’ve only got myself to blame
I knew you wanted it all
You always play as though it’s a game
It drives me up the wall

Cards held so close to your chest
You wanna be the best
Your story is bathed in sorrow
But you’re going down a path I can’t follow

Take it on the chin
Bear it with a grin
It’s a game I can never win
I should have locked the door
So long ago before
I didn’t know that you wanted more
Such an awesome sight
Bark then a bite
I should have known that I’m never right
Take it on the chin
Bear it with a grin
It’s a game I can never win

I can’t win
I can’t win
I can’t win
I can’t win

Sometimes I lie awake at night
Waiting for you to call
It’s not your strategy to win this fight
That drives me up the wall
Track Name: When the winter wind blows
I saw you there outside
In the sun’s cold glare
I beckoned you to me
Your warmth, we could share

But you did not see me;
You strode on through the snow
I called out your name, dear
The breeze froze my glow

And when the winter wind blows
Obscuring you from view
I struggle out into the squall
Because I need to be with you

I chased you through chilling mist
You were just from reach
Turn around and see me!
My soul has much to teach

And at the journey’s end
Tears have left me blind
You stood there, open-armed
We are now combined